Character Information
Ai Yazawa
Kills: 0
Killed by:Wild Seven member (possibly Satoshi Imakire)
Cause of Death:Caught in boat explosion (possible collar detonation)
Actor: Sae Shimizu


Ai was Fukuda's second-in-command among the delinquents. She had good grades and played the piano until she was harassed by a boy when she was in sixth grade and acts spoiled.

During the ProgramEdit

Ai tries to escape from the cage with Kazumi, but they both fail. When Shintaro dies and Kazumi's collar starts to beep, she pleads help from her friends and they push her back until she dies.

Ai is one of the first students to die in the BRII Program. During the Mission 1 assault, Wild Seven attacked the students' boats and shot the first boat; which exploded with the students, including Ai, on it.


  • It is possible that her character was named after the Japanese manga artist of the same name, or it is simply a coincidence.
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