Asuka Motomura
Kills 0
Cause of Death Explosion
Actor Hitomi Hasebu

Female Student # 18: Asuka Motomura is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Asuka was a Rugby Team Co-Manager along with Nao Asakura. She saw her father die, and had been afflicted with autism. She had been recovering from her condition thanks to her involvement in the Rugby team.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

She was freinds with Nao Asakura. She is also Shintaro Makimura's girlfriend.

In the programEdit

After Shintaro was shot and killed, she went over to his dead body and mourned his death. As everyone went over to the winners side, two students pulled Asuka away from Shintaro's dead body as she begged for them to stop.

Asuka was one of the first students to die. During the attack at the boats, she is shot in her eye and she called out for Nao in distress. Nao sees Asuka in distress and yells out her name. Unfortunately for Asuka, she is killed when her boat is blown up, and the explosion was caused by Yuka Mifune's collar detonation. After Asuka's death, Nao yells out her name more saddened by her loss.

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