Battle Royale

Battle Plan is the twenty-second chapter of Battle Royale.


In a flashback, Shinji Mimura is shown coldly dumping a girl for getting jealous over him sleeping with other girls when she was the one who wanted to keep their relationship casual. Shinji's uncle, Hajime, tells him that when he breaks things off, he needs to do it hard, if only for the sake of the girl for putting up with him. Shinji questions if Hajime really is his father's brother, since Shinji's father is extremely unfaithful while Hajime is single, apparently not knowing his uncle has a girlfriend. An alarm goes off, and Hajime pulls out a laptop; Shinji asks what he's doing, and Hajime tells him that the laptop has illegal hacking software on it, since directly rebelling against the government will result in death. Shinji challenges his uncle to a basketball game, and Hajime is able to use a predictable move to score a goal. Hajime tells him to know the enemy, since it'll help him in the future.

In the present, Shinji takes a break from hacking into the schools mainframe. Yutaka Seto asks what he's doing, since from his view he's just downloading a music file. Shinji explains how hi plan works, unaware that Yonemi Kamon can hear every word he says through a microphone on the Collar.