Battle Royale

Best Friend is the second chapter of Battle Royale.


Class 3-B look on in horror as Yonemi Kamon announces that they have been selected to compete in the program.

As the students are trembling in shock, Kyoichi Motobuchi raises from his seat and tries reasoning with Yonemi that there's been a mistake, as his dad works for the government as director of environmental affairs. However, his cries are dismissed as Yonemi explains that no classmate, no matter how rich, poor, influential or downtrodden, is exempt from competing. Defeated, Kyoichi slumps back into his seat.

Yonemi then goes on to state that the parents and guardians of the classmates have been notified. He notices that the students are in shock, and decides to give them a "visual aid".

The soldiers bring out a body bag and dump it on the podium. The bag is opened to reveal the corpse of Masao Hayashida, the class' teacher. The class starts shrieking as Keita Iijima vomits. Yonemi informs them that Mr. Hayashida was opposed to the class participating, resulting in his death. He also apologize for the state of Mr. Hayashida's body, stating that they had underestimated the rate at which the corpse would decompose.

As Shuya starts contemplating a way to escape, Yoshitoki Kuninobu rises from his seat and asks who has been informed about his participation, as he's an orphan. Yonemi tauntingly hints at Shuya and Yoshitoki's orphanage caretaker, who he hints to have raped.

Shuya and Yoshitoki grow infuriated, as Yoshitoki starts threatening Yonemi. In return, Yonemi taunts Yoshitoki, who leaps from his seat and charges Yonemi yelling that he'll kill him.

Shuya can barely react as he thinks of the times he has seen Yoshitoki angry twice. This is shown in a flashback. The first time when Eddie, their orphanage dog, was killed in a hit and run. The second time was when a collections agent insulted Ms. Ryoko.  

Shuya realizes the girl Yoshitoki has a crush on might have been Ms. Ryoko. With that, Kamon shoots Yoshitoki in the face.