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Chapter 77-Bleak Reunion
Bleak Reunion
Chapter: 77
Volume: 10
Previous: Rain
Next: Message
Deaths: None

Although Mizuho is still alive, She cannot be saved as mentally she is already gone. Shuya has no other choice but to escape from her but what he discovers next will shock him.


The crazed Mizuho Inada has her gun pointed at Shuya Nanahara who begs her not to shoot at him and let the program take over her mind as he believes that there is a chance that she can still be saved. He watches as Mizuho tries to figure out how to reload her gun and damns her when she won't listen to him as he remembers Shogo Kawada's words about how if someone draws on him, then he needs to fight back, if not for his own life, then for Noriko Nakagawa's.

Mizuho has figured out how to reload and aims at Shuya who gets his gun ready, which scares Mizuho and she falls over. Shuya puts down his gun as he knows there is no use reasoning with an insane girl and remembers how Noriko still has faith, but his faith is running out. Mizuho gets her gun and shoots at Shuya but she misses and he manages to escape from her. Mizuho looks for him as she hears the voices in her head. They tell her that she was successful in getting the beast to go away and they are most pleased with her performance but she isn't done yet as there are still more out there. The voices ask Mizuho to speak their names which she does with an insane look on her face.

Shuya, mainwhile, has walked upon a location that appears that have been a battleground. He notices several bullets and comes to the conclusion that it was Kazuo Kiriyama but starts to think that based on what happened, there was no way that Kazuo could have destroyed that much, nor would the program give someone that big of a weapon. He looks around more until he finds the corpse of Keita Iijima but he can't really grive anymore due to feeling numb. He then notices a second body, that of Yutaka Seto. He wants to know why Yutaka wasn't with Shinji Mimura as he holds his body, it is then that a small book falls out. Shuya reads a page and learns that Yutaka was with Shinji. He looks around and notices a arm sticking out from a car, as Shuya gets closer, he discovers it is Shinji.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In a departure from the novel and film, Shuya reunites with Shinji and Yutaka. Although they are already dead.
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