Manga Information
Chapter: 71
Volume: 9
Previous: Crevice
Next: Yuko Sakaki
Deaths: Yukie Utsumi, Haruka Tanizawa, Satomi Noda

Chisato has been murdered by Satomi and with two girls down, is there any hope for the remaining four lighthouse girls?


Chisato Matsui falls to the floor as the other girls watch on. Chisato's killer, Satomi Noda stands in shock over what she has done as Yukie Utsumi rushes to Chisato. Yukie asks Satomi if this is what she wanted and asks who the killer is now but Satomi still believes what she did was right as she thinks Chisato was the one who murdered Yuka Nakagawa and reasons that since Chisato went for the gun, she was guilty. Yukie shouts back that she shot her before she even knew as Haruka Tanizawa realizes that Yukie has a gun and demands that Yukie shot Satomi before she murders the rest of them.

Angry, Satomi points her gun at Haruka. Worried for her friends, Yukie gets her gun out, hoping to wound Satomi but Satomi notices her and shoots her down. Yukie's corpse falls next to Chisato's as Satomi kneels down. Haruka dashes for Yukie's gun as Satomi shoots her. Satomi now focus on Yuko Sakaki and tells her that they are safe now as Yuko looks on in fear. Suddenly Satomi is shot in the face by Haruka who dies shortly after.

Yuko looks around the room and then screams "God's Will" as she loses her mind. Mainwhile Shuya Nanahara has escaped from his room and thinking Kazuo Kiriyama is behind the gunfire, vows that he will end it now.

  • Female Student #2: Yukie Utsumi: Eliminated
  • Female Student #12: Haruka Tanizawa: Eliminated
  • Female Student #17: Satomi Noda: Eliminated

9 to go


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