Battle Royale
BR collar

Model Guadalcanal-22 Use on Battle Royale

The collar (model Guadalcanal-22) is used throughout the Battle Royale series and is mostly use to kill defectors, saboteurs and others who have tried to escape while in the game. The collar kills them by exploding the throat of the user.


The collar is made with Stainless Titanium which can resist impact, oxidation and water. Also, the collar is protected with plastic sealant which protects the microphone, GPS locator, alarm system and the explosive detonator from water and shock. The detection system uses a satellite control system, so the collar can be controlled from the operation base. The microphone is a military spy model which can record everything for up to 60 hours. With the time-alarm beeping system, it can indicate to the carrier if they are almost out of the map, in a danger zone, or to count down the explosive detonation.


The type of explosive used in the collar is a malleable military explosive (mostly C4 plastic explosive).


Collar Explosion

The model Guadalcanal-44x BRII exploding the throat of Kazumi Fukuda after Shintaro Makimura gets shot in the head

The quantity is fairly small, 10g of C4 in place behind of the mercury detonator, enough to explode the throat and yet not kill other people who are around.

How to disable the collar[]

There are two ways to disable the collar, the first is seen in the film where Shinji Mimura hacks into the mainframe as part of his plan to blow up the school. Since Kazuo Kiriyama killed Shinji along with Yutaka Seto and Keita Iijima, the collars were only deactivated for 15 minutes, enough time for Shogo Kawada to disable the collars signal system. The second method is seen in Requiem when Shuya Nanahara tells Maki Souda to use the EMB to disable the electronic system of the collar, allowing them to be removed with a dremel.

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