Battle Royale

Conditions is the fifteenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Yukiko Kitano and Yumiko Kusaka are sitting in a gazebo, discussing the situation. Yukiko eventually breaks down, apologizing for constantly causing trouble for Yumiko. Yumiko recalls how kind Yukiko is, and the two laugh over how they always end up blushing.

Yukiko recalls a day in fourth grade. That day, she and Yumiko were making boiled eggs in Ms. Takata's Home Ec class. Yumiko broke one of her raw eggs, and Yukiko taught her how to make sure the yolks harden evenly, accidently leaving her eggs to over boil a bit, causing the yolks to darken. Ms. Takata pointed this out, and Yukiko cried. Shuya Nanahara and Yoshitoki Kuninobu snuck into the classroom to steal some eggs, but Shuya, seeing how upset Yukiko was, coerced Yoshitoki into acting out a super sentai skit to cheer her up.

This memory motivates Yukiko to go through the their plan to gather as many students as possible to find a way out of the program without killing each other. Meanwhile, Shuya and Shogo Kawada discuss how to remove the collar, and Shogo reveals he knows how to escape the island but he need to hear two things from Shuya before he can tell him; before he can say what they are, Yukiko and Yumiko start yelling through a megaphone, calling to any nearby students to meet them and they don't need to play the game. Shuya tries to get to them, but Shogo stops him, saying that anyone else who hears them might not be as friendly.