Battle Royale

Counter is the one-hundred-and-eighteenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Shuya Nanahara disable all of the soldiers on the deck by shooting them in the arms or legs. Yonemi Kamon is distracted by the gunshots and yelling, giving Shogo Kawada the opportunity to kill him by stabbing a pencil into his neck. After he kills a soldier who burst in, Shuya and Noriko Nakagawa rush to him, but are caught off guard by the corpse.

On the deck, a soldier demands to know how he tricked them, and Shogo explains that he only pretended to shoot Shuya and Noriko, disabling their collars after instructing them to be silent due to the microphone. Once Shogo was aboard the ship, Shuya and Noriko got on by hanging on to the anchor.

While the three are discussing their plan, a soldier gets loose, grabs a gun, and tries to shoot Shogo; Shuya takes the bullets and Shogo shoots the soldier in the hand, blowing off several of his fingers. Just before he can execute the man, Shuya stops him, revealing that he took Kazuo Kiriyama;s bulletproof vest. They then place the soldiers on a lifeboat and leave them in the middle of the ocean.

Shogo takes Shuya and Noriko to the helm and explain how to steer the ship. He then collapses from a bullet wound in his side.