Battle Royale

Death Race is the one-hundred-and-sixth chapter of Battle Royale.


Shuya Nanahara treats the cut on Noriko Nakagawa's cheek and questions how Kazuo Kiriyama knew about their plans, to which Shogo Kawada responds the he pieced it all together on his own. Meanwhile, Kazuo hotwires another car to pursue the trio. After driving for a bit, Sogo stops and kicks out the windshield so he won't have to deal with broken glass while driving and hands Shuya the Uzi; he also gets Shuya to marks the new danger zones on the map. Shuya asks where Kazuo is, and Shogo reveals that he's caught up to them since he took the sportier car.

Kazuo and Shuya exchange gunfire, and when Shuya gets pinned, Shogo turns around and drives in reverse, giving the two the chance to shoot at Kazuo. They're eventually able to shoot out the cars tires and am it off the road. Shogo then shoots the car until it explodes.



  • When Shogo hands the Uzi to Shuya, he says "don't go all Marvin from Pulp Fiction on me". This is a reference to the iconic 'I Just Shot Marvin in the Face" scene.