Battle Royale

Deception is the one-hundred-and-sixteenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Shogo Kawada hold Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa at gunpoint. With the couple in shock, Shogo explains that he took advantage of their trusting natures in order to ensure he wouldn't have to face off against any of the other players like Kazuo Kiriyama. Noriko brings up Keiko Onuki, but Shogo says that he was only with Keiko because she was attractive and didn't love her, only using the stories and bird call to lure the two into a false sense of security.

Shuya curses Shogo's name, and Shogo fires two shots. One of the soldiers confirms that Shuya and Noriko's collars have deactivated, and Yonemi Kamon makes the final announcement that the Program has ended.

After two days of betrayal, heartbreak, and bloodshed, the winner of the Shiroiwa Ninth Grade Class B Program is Boy #5: Shogo Kawada.