Battle Royale

Demolition is the fiftieth chapter of Battle Royale.


Yutaka Seto stands over the corpse of Keita Iijima and demands to know why Shinji Mimura shot their friend. Shaken by what he has done, Shinji replies that he didn't mean to kill Keita but Yutaka doesn't think this is good enough as he felt there was no reason to fire at Keita in the first place. Shinji tries to reason that maybe he had another weapon which makes Yutaka rush over to Keita's bag and only finds Keita's belongings. Shinji is still in shock as he tries to calm himself down so they can finish bombing the school.

Yutaka stands in disbelief at what he is seeing and wants to know what happened between Keita and Shinji just so that he can trust Shinji not to murder him later on. Shinji explains that Keita hung him out to dry over a coke and didn't help him when he was being shaken down. Yutaka can't believe this as he doesn't think all of that was worth shooting someone over but Shinji tells him that in this game, the stakes are much higher and that Keita would do the same thing to them if they allowed him to come along and he just wanted him to go away.

Yutaka still doesn't buy what Shinji is telling him and ask him who he really trusts and remembers that since he knew Shinji, he would never really trust them to do anything that he could do himself even during a basketball game and that everyone he surrounded himself with was just to make himself look good. Shinji remembers his uncle and tosses his gun towards Yutaka, telling him to do what is right and if he can't trust him, then it's already game over. This makes Yutaka remember how Shinji treated him since they met on the island who realizes that he can trust Shinji, so he hands him back the gun and jokes that he probably end up shooting him with the gun due to how clumsy he is but they need to move on to take care of the school. Shinji is happy that his best friend can trust him again, hugs him and tells him how glad he is that he's with Yutaka.

Both boys are unaware that someone has witnessed this scene and fires at both of them. Yutaka is hit several times on the left side of his face.