Battle Royale

Destiny is the one-hundred-and-thirteenth chapter in Battle Royale.


Shuya Nanahara has his gun pointed at Kazuo Kiriyama. Shogo Kawada watches and tries to get Shuya to hurry up and kill Kazuo as they already discussed the situation before and that he must protect Noriko Nakagawa no matter what.

Instead, Shuya wants Kazuo to know what is coming, while Shogo wants Shuya to remember how many people died because of Kazuo who had no mercy on any of them. Shogo starts to lose faith in Shuya as nothing is happening. Shogo shouts at him to hurry up and finish him off but Shuya knows just shooting him wouldn't be enough.



  • Of all the chapters, this one has the least amount of story as most of the panels are of flashbacks.