Battle Royale

Doubt is the sixty-ninth chapter of Battle Royale.


Shuya Nanahara gets dressed upstairs in the locked room, while downstairs, a scared Yuko Sakaki is worried that Shuya has lived and hopes that he will die soon. Haruka Tanizawa notices how Yuko is reacting since they took in Shuya. She, along with Yuka Nakagawa and Chisato Matsui, try to calm Yuko and tell her that things are going to be okay now since they have Shuya and Hiroki Sugimura helping them out. They then mention that they are not the only ones as they also have Noriko Nakagawa and Shogo Kawada as allies. Yuko is slightly calmed as Yuka and Chisato think about how hot the guys are, Haruka tells Yuko to ignore the boy-crazy girls but they have a point about boys about not all of them being bad. Haruka remembers that Shuya and Hiroki are nice boys and then she remembers Kazuhiko Yamamoto. Kazuhiko was Sakura Ogawa's boyfriend and he always made her so happy and with this, she found out that not all boys are going to hurt them.

Yuko lies and tells Haruka that maybe she is right, but in her mind she wants Shuya dead and knows God will help her in taking him out. Yukie Utsumi arrives with the news that Shuya is going to make it. Satomi Noda has taken a break from watch and also hears the good news as all the girls, except Yuko, celebrate. Yukie tells them that Shogo claims to know a way off the island and since Shuya is with him, the girls will be too. Yukie is relieved until Yuka teases her about being with Shuya for so long. Satomi joins in and tells Yukie that she should give Shuya some food, considering their relationship.

Yuko then volunteers to give him the good. Yukie allows it as she thinks Yuko is calming down and starting to trust Shuya but she has other plans. As the other girls figure out where to find some bandages and figure out who has to keep watch, Yuko takes out her weapon: hydrocyanic acid. She pours it into the soup and thinks this is what God would want.

Yuka offers to take the soup for Yuko who allows this as she thinks the girls will thank her later for what she has done for them. Yuko is happy, until she overhears Yuka deciding to taste the soup; she immediately starts to puke. The other girls rush to her aid and soon Yuka vomits blood and collapses to the ground. Yuko starts to panic over what she had done as Shuya hears the dish break, confused on what happened.