Battle Royale

Encounter is the eightieth chapter of Battle Royale.


Yonemi Kamon list all of the students who have died: Mizuho Inada, Yukie Utsumi, Haruka Tanizawa, Yuka Nakagawa, Satomi Noda, and Chisato Matsui, joking about the students being misogynistic since all the dead are girls and listing the danger zones. Hiroki Sugimura is shocked to hear that the lighthouse girls are dead and wonders what happened; recalling what Shuya Nanahara said about fair fights, he remembers the first time he saw Kayoko Kotohiki: after being told by his teacher that he needs to focus on more than physical strength, Hiroki passes by the flower arrangement workshop and spots Kayoko putting the finishing touches on one of her arrangements.

Hiroki rushes to search D-7, which is an hour away from becoming a danger zone, and recalls the first time he and Kayoko spoke: while on his way to school, he found a kitten abandoned in a box and took her to school. The kitten mewed in the middle of class which Hiroki passes off as his stomach growling, though Kayoko isn't entirely convinced. During lunch, Hiroki is unable to figure out why the kitten is crying so much. Kayoko, who was walking pass, helps the kitten relieve herself and explains that at her age, she needs a bit of help which she should've gotten from her mother, though she figures the kitten is on her own now. Just before leaving, Kayoko admits that she was scared of Hiroki since her flower class is one floor beneath the dojo and all the yelling and thumping had intimidated her, but she's glad to know that Hiroki is truly kind, with that moment being when Hiroki fell in love with her.

In the present, Hiroki has finally found Kayoko. Hiroki is relieved, but Kayoko aims her gun at him, threatening to shoot if he gets too close.