Battle Royale

Explosion is the fifty-third chapter of Battle Royale.


Fumiyo's Revenge detonates successfully and Shinji Mimura manages to escape the blast which can be seen from anywhere on the island. Yonemi Kamon wonders what it as he knows it is not a grenade while the remaining students look on in awe.

Shinji celebrates victory over Kazuo Kiriyama as a truck lands near him. Shinji is happy with the knowledge that had Kazuo and Keita Iijima not interfered then they could have blown up the school. Shinji turns around to see the corpse of Yutaka Seto and wishes that Yutaka was still alive. Shinji starts to see a vision of Yutaka as the pain is getting to him but the vision of Yutaka tells him that their friends still need him as Shinji starts to understand this, not noticing Kazuo had hidden in the truck and is still alive.



  • This is the first appearance of Mizuho, Kayoko, Yuichiro, and Tadakatsu during the program.
  • Hiroki, Yukie, and Shuya are the only students that were still alive whose reactions to Shinji's bomb were not shown.