Battle Royale

Faith is the seventy-ninth chapter of Battle Royale.


Shogo Kawada and Noriko Nakagawa treat Shuya Nanahara's wounds, happy to be together again. Shogo gets up and looks at the lighthouse and remembers a similar incident during his program as Noriko thinks of her deceased friends. Shuya tells them that trust is getting harder to come by and after the lighthouse, and the discovery of Shinji Mimura's corpse, he felt like he was going crazy.

Shuya says that the memory of Yukiko Kitano and Yumiko Kusaka's deaths and how he couldn't save them is what helped bring him back, they died doing something they felt like could save people. He further explains that Yukie Utsumi and her friends were the same. He wants to honor all of them as he still wants to do something to save his friends. Noriko hugs him as Shogo notices that the food is ready for Shuya. As he gets the food, Shogo explains that from here on, things are not going to be as easy when it comes to saving people as Shuya knows that it is just them that are trying to do the right thing.

Elsewhere, Mizuho Inada has stripped down to her underwear as she draws out a symbol around a tree with her gun. The voices in her head are pleased with her and Mizuho requests that the gods fulfill her until she thinks of her friends, Megumi Eto and Kaori Minami. She asks her gods why there were killed and taken away from her. The voices tell her that they served their purpose and she must go on. Mizuho remembers how back in school, the two girls seemed to be put off by her games and so she thinks that the voices are right and she continues to worship her god. As Mizuho calls herself the "daughter of destiny", she doesn't notice that someone has walked up to her and pointed a gun at her head. It is Kazuo Kiriyama who shoots her in the head, blowing her brains out with a demented look of glee on her face.

Shogo explains that it is only going to get worse and the only ones left are the lucky ones and the hardcore players, and that doing the right thing may mean having to get blood on their hands. Kazuo walks away from the corpse of Mizuho.



  • Unlike the novel, Mizuho doesn't try to murder Kazuo as she doesn't even notice him.