A famous boxer has just won another match and is walking down a hall when he sees Mitsuko dressed in a female boxer's outfit. She is trying to also walk down the hall when she suddenly either jizzes or wets her pants. (It is ambiguous because while it is most likely the former due to her later dialogue and the look of the substance leaking out is viscous, it can also be the latter because Mitsu isn't easily pleased, especially to this extent.) This definitely gains his attention (He yells "Wtf?!", and we can't argue.) as she explains after coming from a meeting she was very excited and didn't notice her legs trembling. This turns him on and he offers to take her to his place, where first he hammers her from behind, than has Mitsuko lean to her side as he mauls her breasts and finishes.

Mitsuko later plays into his ego and tricks him into drinking a hallucinogen alcohol, saying it has a manly scent which she loves. He unwittingly drinks the whole bottle to impress her and this plays into Mitsuko's favor more than she hoped for as she now climbs on top of him and rides him. The Hallucinogen hits like a hammer as right before he climaxes he sees Mitsuko surrounded by snakes and her right arm is demonic looking, complete with scales and claws. She later robs his dumbass (atta girl Mitsu) and takes his money. Mitsuko tells her gang the rest of the story in present time. The boxer is of course pissed and drives so he can beat her face in (not wise considering she's a straight up killer) and take back his money. He calls her angrily but she just taunts him saying she's fifteen and he'll land in more trouble than her. This somehow triggers a hallucination of Mitsuko masturbating and the boxer tries to grab her breasts. Of course letting go of the wheel is a terrible mistake and he drives off a cliff and dies. Everyone else has a happy ending as they go on a shopping spree.

  • Notes and Trivia*
  • This is Mitsuko's first full on naked appearance, as well as her first orgasm (although the orgasm was when she was clothed), and even first masturbation (even though it's a hallucination).
  • Mitsuko is portrayed with a thick bush at all times in this story.
  • Despite being a backstory, this is mainly a PWP as half of it is graphic sex (not that we're mad at that) and it's not really relevant to the storyline.
  • The only version online is at Hastareader and it's in Italian text, if there is an English version online for free please let us know, thank you.
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