Battle Royale

Fallen Angel is the bonus chapter of the third volume of Battle Royale.


This story is a flashback of one of the times Mitsuko Souma seduced a man to get what she wants.

A famous boxer has just won another match and is walking down a hall when he sees Mitsuko who's wearing an incredibly skimpy outfit; she is bracing herself on the wall when she suddenly urinates herself. The boxer is baffled by this as Mitsuko explains that she was so caught up in the fight she forgot to use the restroom prior. Unbeknownst to him she wet herself on purpose to seduce him. This arouses the boxer and he offers to take her to his hotel, where they have sex.

Mitsuko later plays into his ego and tricks him into drinking a glass of whisky drugged with a powerful hallucinogenic, saying it has a manly scent which she loves. The boxer drinks the whole bottle to impress her, which plays into Mitsuko's favor more than she hoped for as she climbs on top of him and rides him. The hallucinogen takes affect and the boxer sees Mitsuko surrounded by snakes with her right arm having a demonic appearance, complete with scales and claws. While he's reeling from the drugs, Mitsuko steals his credit card and takes all of his money, having gotten the PIN while he was incoherent. The boxer is furious when he wakes up and drives so he can beat Mitsuko and take his money back. He calls her angrily but she just taunts him by saying she's fifteen and he'll land in more trouble than her. This, combined with lewd noises Mitsuko made to remind him of what they did, triggers a hallucination of Mitsuko masturbating, causing the boxer to let go og the wheel as he tries to grab her breasts. Due to this, the car goes through a guardrail and down a cliff, exploding upon landing. Hirono Shimizu and Yoshimi Yahagi are slightly concerned as Mitsuko just emitted a series of lewd moans in the middle of a crowded street, but Mitsuko assures them it's fine and takes them on a shopping spree.


  • Mitsuko is portrayed with a thick bush at all times in this story.