Battle Royale

Film Final Results
Rank Character Killed By Cause of Death Kills
2nd, escaped Shuya Nanahara Shogo Kawada (faked) shot in the head (faked his death with Noriko Nakagawa) 1
3rd, escaped Noriko Nakagawa Shogo Kawada (faked) shot in the head (faked her death with Shuya Nanahara) 0
winner/1st Shogo Kawada Kazuo Kiriyama Shot. Succumbs to wounds 4 ( 2 faked)
Report 8 [12am, Day 2]
4th Kazuo Kiriyama Shogo Kawada Shot in the collar 12
5th Shinji Mimura himself (Suicide), also caused by Kazuo Kirimaya Suicide/Blew himself up with a bomb attempting to kill Kazuo Kiriyama 1
6th Keita Iijima Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
7th Yutaka Seto Kazuo Kiriyama Shot in the chest multiple times 0
Report 7 [6pm, Day 2]
8th Mitsuko Souma Kazuo Kiriyama Fatally shot four times in the chest (was also shot by Kiriyama's uzi) 6
9th Kayoko Kotohiki Mitsuko Souma Shot in the heart 1
10th Hiroki Sugimura Kayoko Kotohiki Succumbs to wounds sustained from being fatally shot four times in the chest 0
11th Yuko Sakaki herself (suicide) Suicide/Jumped off of the lighthouse 2
12th Yukie Utsumi Satomi Noda Shot several times. Succumbed to wounds 1
13th Satomi Noda Yukie Utsumi Shot 3
14th Haruka Tanizawa Satomi Noda Shot 0
15th Chisato Matsui Satomi Noda Shot multiple times in the front 0
16th Yuka Nakagawa Yuko Sakaki Poisoned (Accidental) 0
Report 6 [12pm, Day 2]
17th Tadakatsu Hatagami Mitsuko Souma Stabbed and slashed 0
18th Yuichiro Takiguchi Mitsuko Souma Stabbed and slashed 0
Report 5 [6am, Day 2]
19th Kaori Minami Mizuho Inada Stabbed in the left side of her abdomen 1
20th Mizuho Inada Kaori Minami Pickaxe embedded into her stomach 1
Report 4 [12am, Day 1]
21st Toshinori Oda Kazuo Kiriyama Beheaded 0
Report 3 [6pm, Day 1]
22nd Takako Chigusa Mitsuko Souma Succumbs to wounds after being fatally shot four times in the back 1
23rd Kazushi Niida Takako Chigusa Stabbed in the crotch and chest 1
24th Hirono Shimizu Mitsuko Souma Fatally shot two times in the back 0
Report 2 [12pm, Day 1]
25th Yumiko Kusaka Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
26th Yukiko Kitano Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
27th Kyoichi Motobuchi Shogo Kawada Shot in the stomach 0
28th Tatsumichi Oki Shuya Nanahara Axe lodged in head (Accidental) 0
Report 1 [6 am, Day 1]
29th Megumi Eto Mitsuko Souma Throat sliced open 0
30th Yoshimi Yahagi Suicide Hung 0
31st Yoji Kuramoto Suicide Hung 0
32nd Sakura Ogawa Suicide Drowned after leaping from cliff 1
33rd Kazuhiko Yamamoto Suicide Drowned after leaping from cliff 1
34th Izumi Kanai Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
35th Mitsuru Numai Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
36th Sho Tsukioka Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
37th Ryuhei Sasagawa Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
38th Hiroshi Kuronaga Kazuo Kiriyama Shot 0
39th Yoshio Akamatsu Kazushi Niida Shot in the chest with arrow 1
40th Mayumi Tendo Yoshio Akamatsu Shot in the neck with arrow 0
41st Yoshitoki Kuninobu Kitano Collar detonation 0
42nd Fumiyo Fujiyoshi Kitano Knife thrown into forehead 0