Battle Royale

Forfeiture is the twenty-first chapter of Battle Royale.


Yoshimi Yahagi grieves over Yoji Kuramoto and looks back to see that Mitsuko Souma is the one who murdered her boyfriend. Mitsuko claims that she killed Yoji to save Yoshimi, but Yoshimi refuses to believe her because Yoji understood and loved her. Mitsuko insults Yoji and says that guys like him only want to sleep with Yoshimi. Yoshimi refuses to accept this, and Mitsuko blows her brains out.

The gunshots are heard from all over the island. Shogo Kawada concludes at least two people were killed, as some weapons don't make noise.

Yutaka Seto is scared by the gunshots while Shinji isn't phased. When Yutaka vows to avenge Fumiyo Fujiyoshi, Shinji asks him to tell him about her and why he likes her over any of the other girls. Yutaka explains that everything Fumiyo did was pretty to him, even when she was sad or wasn't even doing anything. Shinji tells him that Fumiyo probably knew Yutaka was always looking at her, and she probably felt special because of it.

Suddenly, Shinji's computer starts beeping; he rushes over to it and asks Yutaka if he's still serious about avenging Fumiyo to which Yutaka says he is.