Fugestu is the kitten who was left in a small box by a dumpster. On Hiroki Sugimura's way to school, he heard the cat meowing and took the kitten to school with him. Although, this was a problem as the cat needed to urinate but it needed the help of her mother to do so. The kitten made noises in class but Hiroki explained to everyone that he just missed breakfast, although Kayoko Kotohiki who has several cats of her own, knew better.

After class, Hiroki still didn't know what was wrong until Kayoko came in and went over to show him what was wrong. Once the kitten was finally relived, Kayoko told him that he would have to take care of the cat since she guessed that the mother was gone. She also told him to get some books, told him that she is glad he isn't as scary as she thought he was and left.

Hiroki kept the cat and named her Fugestu after Kayoko's flower arrangment which she called "Moon Wind". Fugestu would often sleep at the foot of his bed.


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