Battle Royale

This article is for the character from Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale. For the similarly named Fumiyo from Battle Royale, please go to Fumiyo Fujiyoshi.

Boy #8 Fumiya Daichi (大地 文也, Daichi Fumiya) is a character in Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Fumiya enjoys playing war games. He is also very brave and a good strategist.

In the Program[]

Fumiya stays in the same team of Makoto Hashimoto, Hajime Minami and Suzuko Arikawa. When they must get rid of the corpses, he tries to hide that he is afraid, but he ends up crying. When a student pushes Makoto, and the teacher thinks that she wants to go to the mission, Fumiya says that he wants to go too, to help Makoto. When Hajime is shot, Fumiya says that he will shoot at the mysterious person's hideout, as a distraction, and then, the others must bring Minami back behind the wall, and his plan works. Fumiya tries to enter the mysterious person's hideout, but he ends up making a noise, and a mysterious man comes out of the hideout, with a knife. Yuki and Makoto hear some gunshots, and they think that the man shot at Fumiya. Fumiya survived, and his group was allowed to stay in the school since they completed their task. It's unknown if Fumiya was addicted to the pills or not. When the teacher asked if any of the students survived, the sergeant said the only surviving boy was Katsushi Nomura, confirming Fumiya's death.


  • The name Fumiya means "sentence" (文) (fumi) and "also" (也) (ya)
  • Fumiya's surname Daichi means "big, great" (大) (dai) and "earth, land" (地) (chi)