Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Fumiyo Fujiyoshi (Novel). For the manga, please go to Fumiyo Fujiyoshi (Manga).

Fumiyo Fujiyoshi (藤吉 文世, Fujiyoshi Fumiyo) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Not much was known about Fumiyo other than the fact that she, along with Mayumi Tendo and Yoshimi Yahagi, locked Noriko Nakagawa in a restroom stall which had insults written on the wall towards Noriko. If Fumiyo was anything like her novel and manga counterparts, then she would've been a nurse's aid.

Friends and Enemies[]

Fumiyo was friends with Mayumi, Yoshimi, Kayoko Kotohiki (since they were together on the bus) and possibly Yuko Sakaki, since Fumiyo was whispering to her. She may have also been close with Mitsuko Souma and Hirono Shimizu due to her friendship with Yoshimi. She enjoyed picking on girls such as Noriko Nakagawa, or she just disliked Noriko specifically for whatever reason.

Before the Program[]

Before Kitano resigned, Class B decided to take a day off and skip school, Fumiyo included; she attended the basketball game against Class A, and celebrated when Class B won. Fumiyo decided to go on the class trip; while on the bus, she most likely chatted with her friends or pored over a catalog. Fumiyo fell asleep after breathing in a sleeping gas pumped into the bus; she was then transported to an island and fitted with an explosive collar.


Fumiyo, dead, after Kitano hits her in the forehead with a knife

Fumiyo, along with the rest of the class, woke up in a classroom in the island’s school. Unnerved by the presence of Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama, Fumiyo rushed over to the window to watch a helicopter land in front of the school. Fumiyo was shocked to see that Kitano had returned. When Kitano asked the class if they knew the BR Act law, Fumiyo kept quiet, obviously knowing the law, but afraid to say it aloud. Fumiyo was horrified upon seeing Masao Hayashida's corpse. While Kitano is playing the video going over the rules, Fumiyo tries to whisper something to Yuko. Kitano catches her and is annoyed that she is doing this, as he had just told Yoji Kuramoto and Yoshimi to stop whispering. Kitano shouts as Fumiyo rises to stand and he hurls a knife at her forehead. She wobbles back and forth before falling to the floor, dead.


  • The name Fumiyo means "writing" (文) (fumi) and "world" (世) (yo).
  • Fumiyo's surname Fujiyoshi means "wisteria" (藤) (fuji) and "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi).

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This is the only version of Fumiyo to be killed first instead of Yoshitoki.
  • It's likely that her weapon was an axe as in the video the instructor shows an axe as one of the possible weapons and nobody else got it. the same goes for Sakura Ogawa and Yoshitoki Kuninobu, since Yoshitoki also died before the program started, and Sakura refused to take her supply bag.
  • Fumiyo is one of four characters who were killed by different people in each version of Battle Royale; the others are Yoshitoki Kuninobu , Kaori Minami, and Kazuo Kiriyama. For Fumiyo, this is because each version has its own 'teacher'.