Battle Royale

Funeral is the seventy-fifth chapter of Battle Royale.


Yuko Sakaki lays dead at the base of the lighthouse, while Shuya Nanahara sits in disbelief over what has happened. Shuya drops the arrowhead that Hiroki Sugimura made for him as he remembers that Hiroki has been searching for Kayoko Kotohiki as he doesn't want her to suffer the same fate as his best friend, Takako Chigusa. Shuya walks down the steps to pick it up as he also remembers that he promised to protect Noriko Nakagawa. He looks outside to see the location where Yumiko Kusaka and Yukiko Kitano were murdered and then remembers one of the last things that Yuko had said: I lit the fuse.

Shuya reminds himself that he needs to get back to Noriko and Shogo Kawada and sees the gun that Yuko had. Shuya picks it up as he knows it will help later as he left two guns when they fought Kazuo Kiriyama. Shuya walks inside the lighthouse for the rest of the guns and cries when he sees the bodies of the girls who took him in. Shuya goes back outside to get Yuko's body, places a towel over her to hide her injury, and cleans up the faces of the other girls. He then places the girls to hold hands with each other as he remembers each of them.

Satomi Noda kept to herself for the most part, unless she knew someone needed help.

Haruka Tanizawa was the tallest girl in school and was great in volleyball. He remembered that they was going to have a girls vs. boys match but now that will never happen.

Yuka Nakagawa was a girl whom no one could be sad around, who earned the Yuka seal of approval.

Chisato Matsui was a girl whom Shuya didn't get to know but he heard that she made everyone around her feel special.

Yukie Utsumi was the girl who gave Shuya his first and second kiss as Shuya regrets not saying what she needed to hear after she told him how she felt about him.

Yuko Sakaki, the girl who started the massacre in the first place. Shuya wants to hate her, but he can't bring himself to and blames the program for this and not her.

Shuya hopes that Noriko doesn't end up like her friends and leaves the lighthouse as he tries to take comfort in that he is still alive.