Battle Royale

God's Child is the one-hundred-and-tenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Noriko Nakagawa falls to her knees sobbing after shooting Kazuo Kiriyama. Shogo Kawada gives Shuya Nanahara a sign that he's okay and Shuya goes to check on her.

Unbeknownst to the trio, Noriko's bullet hit Kazuo in just the right spot, causing him to regain feelings and emotions as he's assaulted by a flood of memories:

When Kazuo was young, he was a cheerful and helpful boy, doing things ranging from building a figurine to cheer up his childhood playmate to filling in for his head chef when he got sick. One day, everything change. Kazuo and his mother were involved in an accident, struck by a semi after the driver fell asleep. Kazuo's mother died and Kazuo suffered a brain injury that rendered him emotionless and numb.

Back in the present, Kazuo rises to his feet and fires at Shuya and Noriko.