Battle Royale

Going Home is the one-hundred-and-ninth chapter of Battle Royale.


In response to Keiko Onuki, aiming her gun at him, Shogo Kawada instinctively shoots her in the head, killing her instantly. In shock over had he'd done, Shogo hears a girl mocking him for killing his girlfriend when she'd been aiming at her and fires at him. Shogo shoots her in the stomach, killing her, but her bullet hits him in the shoulder. Lamenting his failure to protect Keiko, Shogo Kawada is declared the winner of the Kobe Class 3-B Program.

While recovering in a clinic, Shogo overhears two nurses discussing how he'd set a new record for the shortest game and questions how someone can go on after going through everything he had. Shogo tries to escape, but is unable to stand and is sedated; the doctor tells the nurses to get him addicted to morphine if he continues causing issues and once the buzz from the Program where's off, he's not their problem anymore.

Once released, Shogo returns to his family clinic, where he realizes that his father was killed due to protesting his son being in the game. Shogo rifles through the medicine cabinet and finds a small jar of medicine, which he dumps into a glass of scotch to commit suicide. Before he can drink it however, a pile of newspapers falls off a shelf. When cleaning them up, Shogo finds a plaque congratulating him on winning the Program; angered, he throws the plaque on the ground and turns his ankle, crashing into the shelf. Just before he gets back to his feet, Shogo finds the present Keiko gave him the last time they spoke before the Program.