Battle Royale

Boy #16 Hajime Minami (南 一, Minami Hajime) is a supporting character in Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Nothing is known about Hajime's past. He seemed to have had a crush on Makoto Hashimoto.

In the Program[]

Hajime is placed in the same group as Makoto Hashimoto, Fumiya Daichi, Suzuko Arikawa, and Yuki Ito. When looking for the sniper who killed the soldier, Hajime's left ear is shot off. It's unknown if Hajime was addicted to the pills or not. When the teacher asked if any of the students were still alive, the commander said the only boy alive is Katsushi Nomura, confirming Hajime's death.


  • The name Hajime means "beginning (一)
  • Hajime's surname Minami means "south" (南)