Character Information
Haruka Tanizawa
Position: 14th
Kills: 0
Killed by: Satomi Noda
Cause of Death: Shot
Assigned Weapon: 9mm Pistol
Actress: Satomi Ishii



Haruka seemed to have a really strong personality. After all, Haruka stood up to Satomi, even if Noda was holding a machine gun. She was also really loyal to her best friend Yukie Utsumi. She was a kind-hearted girl. She was very tall (172 centimeters, the tallest girl in school), had short hair and played volley-ball.

Noda you murderer!

Haruka hiding next to Yuka's legs during the fight.

Friends and Enemies

She is friends with Yukie Utsumi, Satomi Noda, Chisato Matsui, Yuko Sakaki, Yuka Nakagawa and Noriko Nakagawa. Yukie very much loved Haruka and shielded her best friend with herself when Satomi Noda threatened them.

In the Program


Haruka (near the small table), dead, after dying from her injuries.

She is first seen in the program with Yukie Utsumi and her other friends in the lighthouse. She tries to comfort Yuko Sakaki, who is visibly shaking from nervousness. Then, when Yuka dies from eating the lunch, Haruka suggests that poison was the reason she dies. Satomi Noda panics and takes the uzi. Noda first accuses Chisato for having cooked the spaghetti, but then Chisato tries to instead pin the blame on Haruka, who immediately denies it as well and starts to blame Noda against Utsumi's pleas not to.

Haruka accuses Satomi of poisoning the food because Satomi doesn't trust any of them, bringing up Noda's sleeping pills into discussion, trying to blame her sleeping pills for Yuka's death. Then after Chisato is gunned down, a shooting happens between her friends. Noda screams that Haruka and/or Yukie managed to graze her arm with the bullets. Haruka responds "Murderer!" for Chisato's death, but Noda argues that Chisato deserved to die anyways (whether she did poison or not) due to having tried to grab her gun. She and Yukie shoot Satomi but it's not enough and Satomi shoots and kills Haruka. Unlike the novel and manga, Haruka doesn't kill Noda.

Behind the Scenes Edit

During filming, Satomi Ishii (who played Haruka) actually got hit in the face by the pan (which was empty) when Asami Kanai (who plays Chisato) threw it onto the table. This made Satomi Ishii cry, earning her Kanai's sympathy, and therefore Asami Kanai had to practice throwing the bowl onto the table while the actresses who played the girls Haruka, Yukie Utsumi, Yuko and Yuka were all moved away from the table for the practice.

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