Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Haruka Tanizawa (Novel). For the film, please go to Haruka Tanizawa (Film).

Haruka Tanizawa (谷沢 はるか, Tanizawa Haruka) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


She was a very tall girl with short hair, who played as an attacker on the volleyball team. She also, at one point, had a bad experience with boys, leaving her reluctant to trust males.

Friends and Enemies[]

Haruka is best friends with Yukie Utsumi and is friends with Satomi Noda, Noriko Nakagawa, Yuka Nakagawa, Chisato Matsui, Yuko Sakaki and Fumiyo Fujiyoshi.

In the Program[]

Haruka is one of the girls who joins Yukie in the lighthouse. She is the one who pushes for an all-girl group after both she and Yukie witness Kazushi Niida kill Yoshio Akamatsu. She and Chisato cook the meal which Yuko later poisons, putting them under suspicion when Yuka eats the meal and dies.

During the gun fight after Yuka's death, Haruka witnesses Satomi killing Chisato and Yukie. Haruka dives for Yukie's gun, and Satomi shoots her in the side with her Uzi. Haruka, who is already mortally wounded, shoots Satomi in the head before dying herself.

When Shuya Nanahara gathers the bodies of the lighthouse girls and arranges them so they're holding hands, he compliments Haruka's volleyball form and laments that they won't be able to have a planned guy-gal face-off.


  • The name Haruka is written in hiragana (はるか), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (遥, 春花 or 晴香), it could possibly mean:
    • 遥 - "distant, remote".
    • 春花 - "spring" (春) (haru) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
    • 晴香 - "clear weather" (晴) (haru) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka).
  • Haruka's surname Tanizawa means "valley" (谷) (tani) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa/zawa).