Haruka Tanizawa
Position 10th
Kills Satomi Noda
Killed by Satomi Noda
Cause of Death Shot
Chapter Death 71: Collapse
Assigned Weapon Stun Baton


She was a very tall girl with short hair, who played as an attacker on the volleyball team. She also, had at one point, a bad experience with boys. She fell in love with her best friend, Yukie, but was too scared to tell her, since she thought she was a perverted girl.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

She is best friends with Yukie Utsumi and is also friends with Satomi Noda, Noriko Nakagawa, Yuka Nakagawa, Chisato Matsui, Yuko Sakaki and Fumiyo Fujiyoshi. In the spin-off manga Angel's Border, it is revealed that she was secretly in love with Yukie.

In the ProgramEdit

Haruka is one of the girls who joins Yukie in the lighthouse. She is the one who pushes for an all-girl group after both she and Yukie witness Kazushi Niida kill Yoshio Akamatsu. She and Chisato cook the meal which Yuko Sakaki later poisons, putting them under suspicion when Yuka Nakagawa eats the meal and dies.

During the gun fight after Yuka's death, Haruka witnesses Satomi Noda killing Chisato and Yukie. Haruka dives for Yukie's gun, and Satomi shoots her in the side with her Uzi. Haruka, who is already mortally wounded, shoots Satomi in the head before dying herself.

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