Character Information

Haruya Sakurai

Kills: ???
Killed by:N/A
Cause of Death:N/A
Actor: Ryo Katsuji

Male Student #5: Haruya Sakurai is a major character from the film Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Haruya is the brother of Saki Sakurai, a previous winner of Battle Royale who joined Shuya Nanahara's terrorist group Wild Seven.  After she killed her teacher, Saki disappeared, not to be seen by Haruya until Shikanotoride's participation in the BR II program.

In the programEdit

When Shikanotoride was selected for the BR II program, Haruya's class was tasked with killing Shuya Nanahara, the leader of a terrorist organization called Wild Seven and the previous winner of a Battle Royale. Haruya survived the initial boat landing and the "Getting Weapons" phase, meeting up with the remaining students for the "Assault" mission on Wild Seven's main stronghold.  After the brutal gunfight between Schwartz Katze and Wild Seven resulting in the deaths of six students and the activation of six collars, Nanahara ordered his tech expert, Maki, to use their EMP device to disable the collars. Yuko Natsukawa's collar exploded mere seconds before the device could be activated, but Haruya's was successfully disabled. It was during the gunfight that he saw his long-lost sister, Saki Sakurai. When the students were preparing to escape the island pending an ATAT attack, he confronted his sister, but she ignored him, knowing she would most likely be killed in the coming battle. Haruya told her he would never forget her and with the other surviving students (except four) escaped through a tunnel under the Wild Seven's hideout. He met up with his friends in Afghanistan after the U.S. bombed Wild Seven's island base.

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