Battle Royale

Hibiki Yano (矢野 響, Yano Hibiki) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Hibiki was abused by her parents as a child, and transferred to Shikanotoride to get away from them. She was timid, weak, and panicked easily. She wanted to go to Tokyo University when she got older.

Friends and Enemies[]

Hibiki was friends with Shiho Matsuki and Eri Yoshiyama.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

During Mission 1: "Landing", Hibiki began panicking on the boat, and her classmates attempted to calm her. When Wild Seven begins firing at the boats, Hibiki’s panicking gets even worse. One Wild Seven member fired a rocket at the boat Hibiki was on, causing it to explode, killing her and everyone else aboard.


  • The name Hibiki means "sound, echo" (響)
  • Hibiki's surname Yano means "arrow" (矢) (ya), and "field, wilderness" (野) (no)


  1. While Riki Takeuchi announced her position as the 36th, it has been proven that his announcement might not be entirely reflecting the real situation. In fact, Hibiki Yano was killed along with 5 other students on the boat that exploded, and her position should be between the 34th and 39th. However, based on the place she was locating at when the explosion occurred, she should be killed before Tatsuro Morishima. Therefore, instead of the 36th, her actual position should be the 38th.