Hiroki Sugimura
Position 10th
Kills 0
Killed by Kayoko Kotohiki
Cause of Death Shot
Assigned Weapon Collar Tracking Device
Actor Sousuke Takaoka



He is friends with Takako Chigusa and has a crush on Kayoko Kotohiki. He is also good with many of the boys.

In the Program


Hiroki dead after being shot by Kayoko Kotohiki.

Hiroki decides not to kill any of his class-mates, but to use his weapon, a collar tracking device, to find his crush, Kayoko Kotohiki. He is first seen encountering 3 of the boys. He didn't mean to find them as he is looking for Takako Chigusa and his love. Eventually he finds Takako wounded badly and she warns him of Mitsuko Souma. Then she dies lying on his shoulder. He travels to find his love, but comes across Kazuo Kiriyama and Shuya Nanahara in a gun fight. Hiroki saves Shuya and jumps off a cliff with Shuya into the water. They go to the lighthouse to find Yukie Utsumi and a bunch of other girls. Hiroki then rides to a warehouse on a bike and searches for Kayoko. He finds her water bottle and knows she's there. As he runs to find her she shoots him 4 times. He tells her that someone will hear the gunshots. He warns her to run for her life, and with his dying breath tells her he has a crush on her. He dies from the shots.

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