Character Information
Hirono Shimizu
Kills: 0
Killed by:Mitsuko Souma
Cause of Death:Shot twice in the back
Assigned Weapon:Colt .45 Pistol
Actress: Anna Nagata


Hirono was a member of the gang with Yoshimi Yagahi and led by Mitsuko Souma.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Hirono was friends with the two other members in her clique, Mitsuko Souma and Yoshimi Yahagi. However, Mitsuko stole her boyfriend at some point in the past, leading to animosity between the two girls. She also has an intense dislike of Megumi Eto, as shown in the books where Megumi states that Hirono would always go out of her way to Harass and embarass Megumi and, at one point during their time as classmates slit her skirt in assembly.Hirono does not seem to have a particular reason for bullying Megumi, other than the fact that she does it because she can and aknowledging the fact that Megumi cannot stand up for herself, whilst Hirono has not reason to bully Megumi or any of the other girls her trio targets, her vindictive nature may be a way of asserting herself, to Impress Mitsuko, showing her that she is worthy of being Mitsuko's second in command.

In the ProgramEdit


Hirono dies as she falls to the floor after being shot twice by Mitsuko.

Hirono traveled to the residential area of the island, only to find the bodies of Yoji Kuramoto, Yoshimi Yahagi and Megumi Eto. She searched the house where Megumi was murdered and found a tampon in the toilet. Coming upon a small shack where Mitsuko Souma's school uniform is hung up, Hirono decided to wait for her to return. When Mitsuko arrived, Hirono confronted her about the death of their three classmates and suggested Mitsuko had killed them, due to the fact that Megumi's throat was slit with some kind of sickle and that Mitsuko had started having her period the day prior. Hirono then began to bully and hold Mitsuko at gunpoint until Mitsuko reached for her stun gun and used it to knock the gun out of Hirono's hand. Mitsuko informed Hirono the entire thing was an act and that she had killed Megumi before shooting Hirono twice in the back as she attempted to run.

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