Battle Royale

Hit is the one-hundred-and-ninth chapter of Battle Royale.


Kazuo Kiriyama leaps out of the car as it goes airborne and takes aim; Shogo Kawada shoots first, blasting Kazuo in the chest with his shotgun. Kazuo spits up blood and falls limp. Shuya Nanahara asks if he's dead and Shogo confirms, since a shotgun blast can take down a bear.

Before the trio can plan their next move, a gunshot rings out and Shogo falls to his knees, blood gushing from a hole in his gut. Kazuo gets to his feet, revealing Toshinori Oda's bulletproof vest. Preparing for death, Shuya wonders what happened to Kazuo to make him the way he is as a gun is fired.

Kazuo collapses, a hole in his cheek gushing blood. Shocked, Shuya turns around to see Noriko Nakagawa sobbing, begging Shuya to not hate her since she had to do it.