Battle Royale

Hitoe Takeuchi (竹内 ひとえ, Takeuchi Hitoe) was a minor character that appeared in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Not much was know about Hitoe, except she was Riki Takeuchi's daughter, and she died in Wild Seven's terrorist attack. The only time in the movie she is shown is when Riki was mourning her death as Riki found her dead during the terrorist attack, and a picture of Hitoe that Riki was holding.


  • The name Hitoe is written in hiragana (ひとえ), which has no special meaning. When written in kanji, however (重), it can mean "one layer".
  • Hitoe's surname Takeuchi means "bamboo" (竹) (take) and "inside, within" (内) (uchi).