Battle Royale

Honor is the twenty-fifth chapter of Battle Royale.


Kazushi Niida lunges at Takako Chigusa which she manages to dodge; she lands on her injured leg, giving Kazushi to chance to disarm and knock her to the ground and jump on her. He brags about landing a "big mouth bitch", but Takako interrupts him and yells that she'll die before allowing him to do anything to her. Undeterred, Kazushi starts punching her in the face, only stopping when Takako says she 'wants it'. Kazushi starts taunting her, revealing that the guys at school call her "Robo-Bitch", and accusing her of having a superiority complex.

Takako has a flashback to when she first became aware of her reputation; after gym class, Takako overhears a pair of girls talking about visiting a bakery, but stop when she asks what they're talking about. Later on, she overhears the same girls trash-talking her with the assumption that her lack of reactions is due to her think she's better then them. After school, Takako tells Hiroki Sugimura about what she heard and asks him if she really comes off as uptight and hard to get along with. Hiroki says that she has pride in herself, which makes come off as intimidating but in a good way, which makes it worth the effort to get to know her.

In the present, Takako gains the confidence to fight back, gouging Kazushi's eye and kicking him off her.