Battle Royale

An icepick is a tool used to break up, pick at, or chip at ice. It resembles a scratch awl, but is designed for picking at ice rather than wood. Before the invention of modern refrigerators, ice picks were a ubiquitous household tool used for separating and shaping the blocks of ice used in ice boxes.

Battle Royale[]

Takako Chigusa had an icepick for her weapon in the novel and manga. She uses this to kill and finish off Kazushi Niida after he keeps on flirting and provoking her to have sex with him by stabbing him in the testicles.


  • It's unknown if Hiroki Sugimura manage to obtained the icepick from Takako after her death.
  • Ice picks can be used for medical purposes.
  • This was also the weapon that was used to assassinate Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky in 1940.