Battle Royale

Inference is the one-hundred-and-seventeenth chapter of Battle Royale.


Yonemi Kamon enters the room Shogo Kawada is in and sits on a couch across from him. Yonemi places a file about satellite imaging on the table and talks about how handy it is, especially when Mitsuko Souma was fighting against Kazuo Kiriyama. When Shogo questions the point to this, Yonemi talks about how the collars are necessary to keep the show moving; he also says that the mics have been handy for when they air the recordings on air. Shogo once again asks why he's talking about this, Yonemi brings up how long his final confrontation with Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa was and wonders why it was drawn out so much. A helicopter flies over the boat, and Yonemi talks about Shinji Mimura's attempt to hack into their databanks but mentions that he wasn't the first one to try.

Six months prior to the Shiroiwa game, somebody hacked into the Program systems and opened several files, including specifications on the collars. Yonemi reveals that he's narrowed the hacker down to Shogo. Yonemi reveals a set of photos to Shogo and points out how his final confrontation with Shuya and Noriko was in an area with a thick tree covering. Yonemi speculates the couple is hiding on the island and reveals the island is being sprayed by a toxin to wipe out any survivors.

Shogo is visibly shaken but acts like he doesn't care since then he's still the winner. After a burst of laughter, Yonemi pulls a gun on Shogo, revealing that due to his actions, the Program has been rendered null. Shogo goads Yonemi to pull the trigger, and a gunshot goes off.