Battle Royale

Insanity is the twenty-eight chapter of Battle Royale.


Noriko Nakagawa collapses due to a severe fever. Shogo has her eat as much as she can, take an aspirin, and wraps her in his and Shogo's coats to cut the chills. He then says that Noriko either caught a bug or her leg wound is infected, and the only way to tell which is to wait. Shuya asks what they should do if it's an infection, and Shogo tells him that the island has a clinic. Noriko reassures Shuya that she'll be fine and just needs rest, as she's the kind of person to catch whatever bugs are going around.

Meanwhile, Kaori Minami is talking to her Junya Kenzaki pendant, who reassures her that they can do it together. One of the leaves on the plant Kaori is next to pokes one of her pimples, and she freaks out, stomping on the plant and screaming that poking will only make it worse. She then apologizes for swearing, telling herself that she just needs to wash off the excess oil and apply acne cream and it'll get better. A kitten rubs her leg, and she panics, shooting it in the head. Kaori hallucinates herself in place of the kitten, and she tells herself she had to because the kitten was going to poke her acne and make it worse, showing that her mind is fracturing due to the Program.

After waiting a while, Shuya decides they should go to the clinic now, since Noriko isn't getting any better. Shogo concedes, saying they'll move at night. Shuya yells that Noriko might get worse or the clinic might become a danger zone and accuses Shogo of being a coward. Noriko tells Shuya to stop yelling and that she's gonna be okay. Shuya remembers what Noriko said about putting faith in them, and decides to go to the clinic right away. Shogo tries to talk him down, but Shuya says that he has thought it through and this is the best option. Shogo refuses to go with him, and Shuya walk away, saying he wishes Shogo would reconsider.