Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Izumi Kanai (Novel). For the film, please go to Izumi Kanai (Film).

Izumi Kanai (金井 泉, Kanai Izumi) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Not much about Izumi's background was known other than who she was friends with. Izumi seemed like a nice girl. It was known that she didn't enjoy watching sports that much unless it was basketball where the boys (such as Shinji Mimura) had to wear less there than in the other sports.

Friends and Enemies[]

Izumi was friends with Yukie Utsumi, Yuka Nakagawa, Yuko Sakaki, Satomi Noda, Chisato Matsui, Haruka Tanizawa, Noriko Nakagawa, and Fumiyo Fujiyoshi. She didn't like any of the members of the Kiriyama Family. She found Shinji Mimura attractive, but it wasn't clear if she had a crush on him.

In the Program[]

After Izumi leaves the school she travels to the southern tip of the island where she is met by Kazuo Kiriyama (who arranged for himself and his gang to met at this location which Izumi is not part of) and at that point he grabs her and flips a coin, heads being he opposes the game and tails being he takes part in it, it ends up being tails and he shoots Izumi.

In the English-language manga version of the story, she is taken hostage by Hiroshi Kuronaga and Ryuhei Sasagawa, who are planning to rape her and allow for Kiriyama to rape her. Kiriyama decides that, if a coin reveals heads, he would rape Izumi with the others and then oppose Yonemi Kamon. Since Kiriyama's coin yielded a tail, Kiriyama shoots Izumi in the head and then shoots the other gang members.


  • The name Izumi means "fountain, spring" (泉).
  • Izumi's surname Kanai means "gold/metal, money/cash, currency" (金) (kana) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).

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