Battle Royale

Jin (仁, Jin) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Nothing is known about Jin's backstory, although it can be assumed he joined Wild Seven after his family was killed by the government.

During the Program[]

When the Wild Seven members were preparing for the arrival of the ATAT, Jin told Shuya Nanahara he wanted to stay and fight, but Shuya gave him his AK-47 and told him that if he died during the raid, then Jin was to become the leader, which he reluctantly accepted.

Jin, Nao Asakura, Haruya Sakurai, Risa Shindo, Mayu Hasuda, Kyoko Kakei, and the remaining children escaped the island and made it to Afghanistan, where they waited for Shuya and Takuma Aoi for three months. When the pair reunited with the group, Jin gave Shuya his AK-47 back. Jin, Shuya, Noriko Nakagawa, and the children then left to rebuild Wild Seven while the students stayed in Afghanistan.


  • The name Jin means "benevolence, compassion" (仁)