Battle Royale

Jun Nanami (名波 順, Nanami Jun) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Jun was a member of the Schwartz Katze. His brother, whom he looked up to very much, died in the terrorist attacks.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

Jun chooses to fight in the program with his friends and is on one of the boats which survives to land on the island. During the ensuing chaos, he and Naoki Jo, along with their partners and a few others, are separated from Ryo Kurosawa's group and are forced to take an alternate route up the island.

Jun survives the Ammo Retrieval mission and moves with his group to circle around to the back of the Wild Seven's base and meet up with the other survivors. Before the two groups can meet each other, Masakatsu Taguchi sets off a trip mine and is killed, resulting in the detonation of Honami Totsuka's collar. Naoki and Jun attempt to corral the students out of the minefield, but Masakatsu's body falls onto another mine, setting off a chain reaction and killing four more students. Jun and Naoki survive, but their friend and fellow Schwartz Katze member, Kenji Maezono, dies in the blast.

Jun and his team regroup with Ryo's group and begin the Assault mission. He is among the few students who actually try to fight the Wild Seven on the way toward the stronghold. He follows closely behind Ryo and Naoki as they lead the charge into Wild Seven's base, and is knocked into the water when the students activate proximity bombs within the compound. The terrorists demand that the students disarm, but Jun is among a select few who refuse to do so. Ryo and a young boy named Toki argue about their similar situations and it seems surrender is close at hand, until suddenly Maho Nosaka shoots Toki and triggers a brutal gunfight. Jun is shot multiple times and killed when he tries to fight back, and his body is cradled by Ryo right before his suicide charge. With his death, Yuko Natsukawa's collar activated and detonated, killing her.


  • The name Jun means "order" (順)
  • Jun's surname Nanami means "name, fame" (名) (na) and "wave" (波) (nami)