Battle Royale

Kana Yuki (結城 佳奈, Yūki Kana) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Kana was a basketball player and a local girl who was raised by her grandfather. She grew up on a farm and loved animals. She regretted transferring to Shikanotoride. She was friends with Ayane Yagi.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

During Mission 1: "Landing" Wild Seven begins firing at the boats; one of the members launches a rocket at the boat Kana was on, causing it to explode, killing her and everyone else aboard.


  • The name Kana means "excellent, beautiful" (佳) (ka). The kanji 奈 (na) is phonetic, and has no special meaning.
  • Kana's surname Yuki means "tie, bind" (結) (), and "castle" (城) (ki)


  1. While Riki Takeuchi announced her position as the 35th, it has been proven that his announcement might not be entirely reflecting the real situation. In fact, Kana Yuki was killed along with 5 other students on the boat that exploded, and her position should be between the 34th and 39th. However, based on the place she was locating at when the explosion occurred, she should be killed after Eri Yoshiyama. Therefore, instead of the 35th, her actual position should be the 34th.