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"We'll always be friends."
Kaori Minami to Mizuho Inada

Character Information
Kaori Minami
Kills: 1 (Mizuho Inada)
Killed by:Mizuho Inada
Cause of Death:Stabbed in the side
Death Location and Time: H-3 (Pre-dawn, Day 2)
Assigned Weapon:Pickaxe
Actress: Mai Sekiguchi

Female Student # 20: Kaori Minami is a minor character in Battle Royale. She teams up with her friend Mizuho Inada, only to betray each other.


Nothing was known of Kaori's life before she was forced into the Battle Royale. It can be assumed that great stress, Kaori will resort to anything in order figure out how to save herself.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Kaori's best friend was Mizuho Inada. It is unknown if she had any other friends or enemies.

In the ProgramEdit

When her friend, Mizuho's name is called, Kaori runs up to her, telling her that they were still friends which Mizuho tearfully agrees before exiting.

Later Mizuho and Kaori manage to meetup with each other and ironically end up killing one another. They fight over a life preserver then Mizuho stabs her knife in Kaori's right side. Kaori loses blood and is angered then she stabs Mizuho in her stomach with a pickaxe. Mizuho dies instantly and Kaori dies eventually after Mizuho.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The film version of Kaori is the only one who manages to kill someone.
  • She is one of the only girls in Class B to betray a friend.
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