Battle Royale

Ms. Kotohiki (full name unknown) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Ms. Kotohiki was the mother of Kayoko Kotohiki. She was the mistress of Kayoko's father but due to his status as a banker and husband, he couldn't be there for them. In order to make sure they were okay, he set her up to run a bar so they would have money to get by.

Ms. Kotohiki would try to raise Kayoko in a way where she wouldn't end up the same way so she gave her advice on attracting boys. It was her idea for Kayoko to get involved in flower arranging as she believed it would attract a nice boy. She would sometimes let Kayoko help run the bar in case of an emergency. She was most likely upset when she learned her daughter was selected for the program.


  • Proposal