Character Information
Kayoko Kotohiki
Kills: 1 (Hiroki Sugimura)
Killed by:Mitsuko Souma
Cause of Death:Shot in the chest
Assigned Weapon:Sig Sauer Pistol
Actress:Takayo Mimura


Kayoko was friends with Fumiyo Fujiyoshi (as they were sitting next to each other on the bus) and Takako Chigusa. Takako's best friend Hiroki Sugimura was in love with Kayoko however she was unaware of this. She is seen in directors cut cheering Class B.

In the Program

Kayoko had spent much of the game hiding, and had, as yet, avoided confrontation. Unbeknownst to her, Hiroki had spent most of the game searching for her to tell her he loved her. When Hiroki eventually found her and yelled at her to show herself, Kayoko panicked, thinking he was trying to kill her and she shoots him in a panic, with her designated weapon - a SIG-Sauer P226. As Hiroki died, he told her how he felt about her, and he warned her to run because someone would be attracted to the gunshots. As Kotohiki began to break down and start crying, Hiroki called her cute and that he deeply loved her, Kayoko felt horrible after what she had done to him, and asks why didn't he say anything sooner. Crying over his death, she then asks what is she supposed to do now. Mitsuko Souma then appears, calmly says "Die," in response to Kayoko's words and shoots her in the heart, after which Kayoko's body sprawls over Hiroki's then dies.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is one of 3 girls in the program to kill a boy. The other two were Mitsuko Souma and Takako Chigusa. Kotohiki, however is the only one to regret doing so.
  • In this adaptation, Kayoko Kotohiki is the last character introduced to the viewers and the second last girl to die (the last one was Mitsuko Souma).
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