Character Information
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Position: 33rd
Kills: 0
Killed by: Suicide
Cause of Death: Jumped off a cliff
Death Location and Time: A-8 (Before 6am, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 11: Treasure
Assigned Weapon:

Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver


In the ProgramEdit

After meeting up with Sakura, Kazuhiko lays his gun down and sits down next to her. The two talk about how peaceful it is there and Sakura tells him it makes things less scary. The two talk about how serious the game is they discuss the deceased students they know of and Sakura starts to cry as she doesn't want to play the game but Kazuhiko needs to so he can live. Senseing how serious she is, Kazuhiko takes his gun and throws it over the cliff, not wanting to leave her. He tells her that they will be together no matter what.

The two then look at a nearby town, wondering what they are doing as they know their lives are over and they can never return to their homes. Sakura starts to get upset, so Kazuhiko grabs and holds her to calm her down, although he squeezes her too hard so she grabs his nose and then brings out her purse that he got for her birthday. She tells him that day is when she decided that she knew how much he really cared for her and how special he is to her. The two hug again but this time, they hear someone coming, they stand frozen and Sakura reminds Kazhuiko how every moment together was special. Knowing what she wants to die together, Kazhuiko holds Sakura as they jump off the cliff. The couple die together holding hands

Notes & TriviaEdit

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