Character Information
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Position: 33rd
Kills: 0
Killed by: Suicide
Cause of Death: Jumped off a cliff
Chapter Death: 12
Assigned Weapon:

Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver


Kazuhiko Yamamoto (山本和彦 Yamamoto Kazuhiko) was a kind boy who was going out with Sakura Ogawa. They were considered the most intimate couple in the class. Kazuhiko and Sakura were very insular and the two had slept together a couple of months before the program. They often went on dates in the city, for meals or to the cinema.

He would do anything for Sakura and she meant a lot to him though he often couldn't express it through words as he wasn't very articulate and composition was one of his worst subjects. Kazuhiko was kind and un pretentious despite his good looks and he got on well with girls. Because of this, though, he only had eyes for Sakura.


Kazuhiko was handsome apart from the bridge of his nose that was a little broad.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Kazuhiko was going out with Sakura Ogawa but the couple was very insular. Toshinori Oda probably didn't like Kazuhiko because he was handsome and Toshinori didn't like handsome, skilled, poor (or richer than him) or tall people.

In the ProgramEdit

As Sakura left the school she gave Kazuhiko a note which told him to come to the northern tip of the island. He stopped off first to pick some clover like flowers for her and soon they met. They held hands and talked about their relationship and how futile it was to resist against the government and the program, as Sakura's father was killed by the government (which she had never told anyone). Sakura tells him that she's going to commit suicide so that he can survive as there is only one winner. Kazuhiko thinks about how he can't tell her how he feels but he wishes he could. He does say that if she goes then he will go with her. They discuss their relationship more and then kiss. They're finally interuppted by a rustling in the bush which turns out to be Yukie Utsumi and her group who mean no harm, however Kazuhiko and Sakura jump of the cliffs of the northern part of the island, comitting suicide.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Kazuhiko is one of the seven students who's lost their virginity.
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