Character Information
Kazumi Fukuda
Position: 41st
Kills: 0
Killed by: Collar
Cause of Death:Collar detonation
Actor: Aja

Female Student #15: Kazumi Fukuda is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Kazumi was known for being the leader of the delinquent girls (Yuka Mifune and Ai Yazawa). Kazumi was afraid of being alone, so she dressed outrageously to stand out.She transferred to Shikanotoride after she was harassed after her father died. She respects her mother because she sends her money.

During The ProgramEdit

Kazumi is the second person to die before the game starts as a result of a new rule which was that if one person dies, their partner does too. Shintaro Makimura refused to take part in the game so he was killed as a result, Kazumi's collar then exploded as she begged for help from her classmates and then died while screaming and running towards the gate, where the collar deactivates and explodes, causing her throat to burst open while very large amounts of blood sprays uncontrollably. This deactivation causes Kazumi to die instantly.

Kazumi Fukuda placed 41st out of 42 students.

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