Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Kazuo Kiriyama (Novel). For the manga, please go to Kazuo Kiriyama (Manga).

Kazuo Kiriyama (桐山 和雄, Kiriyama Kazuo) is a major character in Battle Royale.


Not much is known about Kazuo other than that he's a psychopath, likely taking delight in causing pain and suffering to other competitors. He is most likely mute, since he doesn't say a word during the film. If Kazuo was anything like his novel and manga counterparts, then he was a genius who suffered a personality disorder after an accident. Shogo Shogo assumes that Kazuo signed up willingly for the program "for fun", but this is never confirmed.

Friends and Enemies[]

Nothing is known about Kazuo's friends, and he considered none of the competitors anything else but 'targets' for him to kill.

Before the Program[]

Kazuo signed up for the Program, for reasons known only to him.

When the class regained consciousness, they saw Kazuo sitting on a desk in the corner. He did not react when Fumiyo Fujiyoshi was killed, or when Yoshitoki Kuninobu's collar was activated.

When Kazuo's name was called, he slowly walked to the front of the room, to the point that a soldier yelled at him to hurry up. He caught his supply bag, but before he could leave the room, Shogo Shogo shoulder checks him and takes a different supply bag; he then walks out of the school.

During the Program[]

Kazuo gets captured by Mitsuru Numai and his gang, who take him to an outcropping next to the water. Mitsuru pulls out Kazuo's weapon, which is revealed to be a paper fan, causing the gang to laugh. The gang accuses Kazuo of working with Kitano to get them to kill each other; they refuse to play the game and demand Kazuo confess.

Kazuo says silent, prompting Ryuhei Sasagawa to point his Uzi at Kazuo's forehead and demand to know if he's listening. Kazuo spits his gum at Ryuhei which angers him and causes him to attempt to hit him allowing Kazuo to steal his Uzi and shoot everyone. Izumi Kanai survives the first round thanks to Mitsuru jumping in front of her, but Kazuo doesn't show her any mercy when she asks Kazuo to stop, shooting her immediately. Kazuo then takes one gang member's supply bag as well as Izumi's hand grenades and Mitsuru’s revolver, though he leaves behind Sho Tsukioka's nun-chucks and Hiroshi Kuronaga's dagger.

The next day around noon, Kazuo hears Yumiko Kusaka and Yukiko Kitano using a megaphone to plead with everyone to stop fighting. He makes his way towards their location and fires away at the two girls from behind with his Uzi, killing Yumiko after the first round. After noticing Yukiko's still alive, Kazuo takes the megaphone and breathes quickly on the speaker, then kicks Yukiko in the side so she ends up on her back, and then holds the megaphone to her mouth so the whole island can hear her whimpering in fear and pain; he then proceeds to kill her with a final spray of bullets.

For several hours, Kazuo doesn't run into anyone until it is almost midnight and he finds Toshinori Oda who quickly finds a bike and tries to get away from Kazuo, who shoots at him. Toshinori manages to reach the clinic and then pleads for mercy and asks why he is trying to kill him, though Kazuo shoots him and leaves. When Toshinori thinks Kazuo Kiriyama has gone, he starts laughing because he survived due to his assigned weapon, a Kevlar vest. Suddenly Toshinori stops laughing, as he hears a noise, and he looks up to see Kazuo on the roof of the clinic that Shogo Shogo, Noriko Nakagawa, and Shuya Nanahara are hiding in, brandishing a katana that he stole from Yumiko. Kazuo then jumps down and decapitates Toshinori. Standing over Toshinori's corpse, he hears a noise from inside the clinic and realizes there is someone in there; he takes the vest and goes to investigate. Kazuo then stuffs one of Izumi's grenades into Toshinori's mouth and throws his head through a window of the clinic. Shuya, Shogo and Noriko dive out of the way and manage to avoid being hurt by the grenade explosion. A gunfight ensues. Shuya decides to jump from the clinic window and try to lure Kazuo away in order to save the lives of Noriko and Shogo.

Kiriyama chases after Shuya Nanahara down the shoreline, Shuya shoots back at Kazuo, though he is unable to cause too much harm. The chase comes to a stop as Shuya falls over, he takes aim at Kazuo and fires a shot at his chest, Kazuo is unfazed and proceeds to reload his Uzi, Shuya fires another shot which also has no effect. Shuya gets up and starts running towards a small cliff and then jumps off into the ocean below. Kazuo shoots at him, but he is briefly stopped by Hiroki Sugimura who then runs after Shuya and jumps into the sea after him in order to escape. Kazuo fires wildly at the ocean but Shuya and Hiroki miraculously manage to evade the bullets.

At around 6:00 PM in a warehouse, Kiriyama spots another potential victim. He finds Mitsuko Souma standing over the corpses of Hiroki Sugimura and Kayoko Kotohiki. He fires at her from above with his Uzi and she appears to have died. He jumps down to collect Mitsuko's gun which she took from Hirono Shimizu and once he turns his back on her, she jumps at him with Megumi Eto's stun gun, which, in his shock, makes him drop his Uzi. Mitsuko then starts attacking him with her sickle and forces him against a board. She then strikes him across the chest, with what would have been a deadly blow, if it wasn't for Toshinori's bullet proof vest that Kazuo stole from him, which surprises Mitsuko. She then tries to use the stun gun but he grabs her hand and kicks her off of him. Kazuo then shoots her four times with her pistol until she finally dies. He then takes the weapons and leaves the three corpses.

Around an hour later, Kazuo finds the warehouse. Yutaka Seto runs towards Kazuo, thinking it is Shuya coming to join them, letting Kazuo know there's students there; he opens fire and kills Yutaka. There are two others with him and Kazuo fires at them as well, killing Keita Iijima. His death enrages the other boy, Shinji Mimura who then makes a suicide attack against Kazuo. He is shot repeatedly, though Mimura hits the bomb and makes it explode, killing himself. 

Kazuo emerges from the flames, blinded due to the explosion, and begins to walk away until he hears Shogo's shotgun being cocked. He quickly turns around and fires at Shogo Shogo and the two engage in a brief gunfight. Shogo manages to shoot Kiriyama in the leg and then in the collar, thus causing it to explode. Though he kills Kazuo, Shogo still endures multiple gunshot wounds, which prove to be fatal post-game.


  • The name Kazuo means "harmony, peace" (和) (kazu) and "man" (雄) (o)
  • Kazuo's surname Kiriyama means "foxglove tree" (桐) (kiri) and "mountain" (山) (yama)

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Kazuo had the highest body count with a total of 12 kills (13 if you count Shinji Mimura who would have died from the gunshot wounds Kazuo inflicted if he hadn't blown himself up) thus making him the deadliest person in the class by far.
  • In the Latin American translation, many mistakes are found in the dialog. (Such as a soldier saying that Numai had killed Kazuo.)